Hydrating Serum

Hydrating Serum
Item# RHSM

Ultra-fine serum comprising pure cross-linked pharmaceutical hyaluronate for deeper and longer-lasting restoration and protection of your skin's moisture.

Effective moisturization reduces burning, tingling and prickling sensations in rosacea while improving tolerance of prescription medications, sunscreens and retinoids.

Hydrating Serum attracts and binds moisture to and from additional moisturizer, including Attend sunscreen, extending moisturization.

Counterbalances the dehydrating, aging and irritating effects of environmental factors (heating, air-conditioning, dry climate, pollution), restoring comfort and radiance without heavy application or adding oil.

Unlike traditional moisturizers Hydrating Serum does not reduce sunscreen and medication performance.

Apply AM or AM and PM.

AM: After Reprieve Serum Pure, before Attend SPF 50+ or De-Sensitising Barrier Fluid SPF 50.

PM: After Reprieve Serum Pure, before Treatment Fluid, Cream, Cooling Lotion or Night Nurturing Complex. Not suitable for layering underneath Anti-Inflammatory Clearing Serum.

For full usage information refer the Skincare Programme Guide, May 2018 or later.

35 ML / 1.18 OZ.